Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to get a bunch of followers on Twitter

How to get a bunch of followers on twitter.

Let's face it nobody wants to tweet to like 3 people. It's no fun.

So here it is in simple math. You follow and unfollow 1000 people every day or a few times per week. In my experience about 15% of the people you follow with follow you back. Most people won't follow you back. You are more likely to be followed back if you follow people who are in your niche. Just be yourself. There's plenty of people with similar interests. When you unfollow people some people will unfollow you. But in the end you are left with maybe 8% of the total number of people you followed following you back. So a max of about 160 new followers per day. That's still something like 58,000 new followers per year. Not bad. You can do this all manually. I prefer not to use bots or anything like that. That majority of softwares that claim to get your followers or friends on social media sites will just get you banned. Then you have to start over again with nothing. Not to mention a lot of those free friendbots will install different types of malware on your computer or change your users settings which will eventually crash your computer. The best bet is to do things manually. Good luck.

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