Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ethical tips for marketing with MySpace

MySpace marketing tips.

1. Only add people interested the same things as you. Find a group that pertains to what you are marketing or do a keyword search to find friends.

2. Post a link whenever possible but don't spam. Post a link in your comments to anyone who accepts HTML comments. Post links in your blog posts. Post links on your profile.

Tips for making new friends.

1.Find people you would be interested in talking to in real life. I usually search for just good looking chicks in my age range.

2. Only add real people. If a profile only has one photo or no photo it is probably fake. If a person has graphics instead of a photo of themself they probably won't be to much good to you (with acceptions of bands that use cover art or graphics designers and other artists)

3. Join groups. If you join groups with people with similar interests the members of those groups are likly to add you as a friend.

4. Don't be misleading. Don't post pictures of celebrities or other people that are not you. Don't post pictures of a Ferarri Enzo and say that it is your car. Don't say you make $250,000/year when you work at Burger King. Keep it real. Think about it. When you get a request from a girl and all of her photos are pictures of her with other friends that she is the less attractive one. When people post pics that are from neck up you can guess they are overweight. Just be real. That is the best marketing tip I can offer you. Sure you can add some flashy graphics to your page or whatever but just be honest about who you are and what you are doing.

Hope this helps.

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